This is the first and one of the most important steps when you begin working with me. During the initial assessment I found out about your dieting background, your goals, lifestyle and mindset to start your coaching. Initial assessment is divided in two portions - a questionnaire that needs to be submitted by you and an on boarding call in which we discuss and clarify any questions and concerns. It is also a great opportunity to connect with my clients and make sure we both have a clear vision of their goals and expectations.


The key to my coaching is individualization. I don’t have a set plan that I provide for everyone because each person is unique and with different needs, goals and lifestyle. We will work together to set a plan that will work for your body, goals and lifestyle.

-Specific macronutrient distribution and target calories for your body and goals.

-Nutrition strategies designed to support your goals if you do not desire to count your calories and macronutrients.

-Adjustments to your plan and strategies when needed.


Every week you will check-in with me, your coach. This is an essential part of working together because this will allow me to give you feedback on your week, determine if we need to make an adjustment to your plan according to your biofeedback and progress, and keep you accountable. You will receive different tools that will allow you to track your metrics and progress during the week.


Connection with my client is important for me. In our coaching call we discuss more in detail any changes or adjustments done to the plan, mindset and it also gives me the opportunity to educate you on nutrition as we go through our plan. Coaching calls are set depending on the client needs.


This is the most important piece of any nutrition plan. If you need some motivation, support , questions or concerns - you have accessibility to your coach 24/7. You won’t ever feel alone or lost during this process.